Welcome to the club, Jane…

21 April 2009

So here’s Jane Hamsher at Firedoglake.com announcing that they’re kicking off a $150,000 fundraising campaign to pay for Marcy Wheeler (blog handle: emptywheel), plus another investigative reporter and a researcher.  Why? Here’s the money quote:

“I’ve been trying for months to get funding for Marcy so she can do what she does full time. I’ve been turned down by every major donor and donor representative I’ve asked. They’d rather create their own “astroturf” blogs.”

Amen and welcome to the congregation. It’s not just good bloggers getting locked out from access to progressive funding; it goes way back, and this is just the latest iteration.

Ridiculous – based on an elitist, ill-informed, and ultimately completely self-defeating take on what all this independent reporting is about.

Now is the time for progressive donors to make many small bets on independent journalism. Let the experiments flourish. Support the leaders, encourage the innovators, find the new ones pushing the edge.

As this blog’s namesake once said: The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.

Update: as of 4/23: $41,193 raised from 682 people (that’s about a $60 average gift).

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