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This week’s “trifecta”?

22 April 2009

Ken Doctor has this to say about Attributor’s “Fair Share Syndication” rev share model for publishers. Combine it with Brill/Crovitz/Hindery’s Journalism Online, he sez, and publishers have a way to capture some of the advertising revenue from Google and Yahoo (combined they handle 90 percent of the advertising placed against content). Don’t send in the lawyers, just work out a deal. A way out of the prisoner’s dilemma? What do you think?

(BTW what is it with the piracy meme the past couple of weeks – the guys off the coast of Somalia – did you catch the 2nd mate on Colbert the other night? – and then the San Diego newspaper meeting with Singleton going off about it, and the AP rattling their own sabers. . . strange.)