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Doing distributed journalism with Amanda Michel and the ProPublica Reporting Network

10 July 2009

navbar-logoSo I follow @AmandaRMichel, who runs ProPublica’s distributed reporting program, on Twitter. And I  think she’s said some of the smartest stuff I’ve seen about what works, what doesn’t, when it comes to distributed or “citizen” journalism, like this CJR piece from last March about her experience with Off The Bus. The fact that she’s not a journalist, but an organizer, matters a lot, I think. Probably decisive.

After hearing her at #pdf09 a couple of weeks ago, I decided I should actually do some distributed reporting (or whatever you want to call it) myself instead of just yammering about it, so that I have at least some hands on experience at the ground level with it. I mean, how hard could it be, right?

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Friday dog blogging 10 July 2009: one of those days, y’know?

10 July 2009

Ever have one of those days where, midway through, you realize, oh yeah, I shoulda spent it mostly like this:

DSC01608Yeah, that kind of day.

That big writing project?

Didn’t happen.

Anyway. One more thing to do tonight, and that’ll be that.

Tomorrow I’m headed down to #sppc09 at The Farm. Pretty amazing collection of people attending. More from that, later on.