my new offi-cle. Or is it cub-ice?

30 December 2009

Hopefully not a sign of the Peter Principle at work. New work space, with a door that locks, but walls that leave a six foot gap to the ceiling.And a window out to the fire escape that doesn’t lock (but does open: yay. fresh air!)

One Response to “my new offi-cle. Or is it cub-ice?”

  1. Nemerov Says:

    So Katz, I’m lookin for a publisher
    print!…not just online… lemme know…

    “You Can’t Believe” Anythin’?
    Why is Michigan shitty to the poor?
    } if only the wealthy muslims move there, they’ll vote
    } with the republicans to deny the poor their fare share
    }if only to give the greedy their day and then judge them for what is..
    You Can’t Believe crime doesn’t pay

    a greater privacy than you could imagine, win winds, wood… ~seed~
    Everything you read. Ow. It always rains in Seattle.
    America is beloved across the globe
    for commitments to fairness, not freedom from them. Depends on the speaker…
    We can save ourselves from our own mistakes.
    We are listening to competing cultural traditions’ cautions.
    We are Both sides of every propaganda war always right.
    We Can’t Believe…make a dent in it…

    murderous racism, rape, sack and pillage in too much of Africa
    with streets filled with children at war instead of play
    at the sacred tribal and traditional…Crime doesn’t pay…
    y c b=stay away

    Right and wrong and good and evil are black and white with no shades of gray.
    Consensus on the date today. Facts,
    industrial polluters don’t need E.P.A. enforcement to clean up their acts.
    The ironies of the truth are less twisted than the strands of our DNA

    there are no monopolies of production, distribution, administration or violence.
    D’ya relieve everything ya read? news that fits the print is the same as
    the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,
    sovereignty of state versus federal law makes sense,
    not just chronological precedent. Lead.

    Freedom, word, most dizzy from spun by the invisible hand;
    socialism, the enemy of justice and progress
    even more stupid and wrong than the poor…

    Media fairness is alive and well: first half truth, second half lies,
    by and large, ~the power elite play fair~
    there’s too many reads between the lines.
    Our context for our expectations is not precisely the debate, an element of care.
    You Can’t Believe…. We have no idea
    what is justice, really, for whom, and why.

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