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26 May 2009

I spent the summer of 1971 working as a maintenance guy at Camp Takajo, a summer camp for wealthy east coast kids. My high school friend John’s father owned the place at that point, and helped me get the gig (I didn’t want to be a camp counselor, looking back at it now, because the kids reminded me of a me I didn’t much care for at the time).

My daily routine involved hauling the garbage to the town dump in a 56 Dodge dump truck (it dumptruckkinda looked like this: nothing like learning how to drive a stick and double clutch at the same time), brushing the tennis courts, cleaning out the storm drains, mopping the dining hall kitchen floor after all three meals – you know, maintenance. After hours, we got to canoe on the lake (there’s really nothing like the sound of a loon at twilight), or swim, or hang out, or head into town for beer.

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