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Friday dog blogging, 4 September 2009: a good day, a good day.

4 September 2009

The long weekend has officially begun, it’s after 5, the MoJolers still in the office are no doubt deep into Friday Happy Hour, and I’m sitting on the front deck listening to Rosanne Cash while Mingus the Super Dog catnaps in the sun. A good day, a good day…

With both of my older brothers having had prostate cancer I’ve been dealing with this for the past year or so; when Jeff Jarvis blogged about his prostate cancer situation, I posted this. Fortunately, I started early enough that it looks like an intense round of work with Michael Broffman of the Pine Street Clinic is helping, a lot.

As probably every middle aged guy in the US should know by now, docs start looking at you funny when your PSA score heads north of 2.5, and then they start looking really serious after it tops 4.0. That’s where my PSA numbers were back in December, and after a couple of inconclusive biopies, that’s when I started downing a smorgasbord of vitamins and herbal doodahs 4 times a day. I admit to being skeptical.

The first data point came back in May, when my PSA dropped to 1.74. That was pretty amazing. But I thought, hell, one number, who’s to say what it really means? So I metaphorically held my breath for another 4 months or so, and got some more blood drawn before I headed out on a backpacking trip up on Glacier National Park with my pals Steve Lyons and Buck Parker. The number of the day: 1.56.

Sometimes something as simple as a number helps make a good day really good.

Friday Dog Blogging, 7 August 2009: Good food, big mouths, and the sublime

7 August 2009

The theme of the day: food, or maybe mouths, or mouthing off, or some combination therein. Part of the reason  food’s on my mind right now is that I’ve been working on an event we’re planning for November with New York Times food blogger Mark “Bitten” Bittman. It’s shaping up to be a really good time, Mark’s a real pleasure to work with, the food, drink and conversation is going to be terrific, and I’ve got a hell of a lot of work to do…Consider yourselves the first to know about it, so if you’re interested in joining us in November, let me know and I’ll add you to the list.

But speaking of things mouth-based (besides food) what would Friday Dog Day be without Mingus the Super Dog? Here he is on our NorCal/Southern Oregon (SouOr?) vacation last week, doing one of the things he does best: turning a simple rock into an oral object of pleasure. He’ll do this for hours, grab it, push it around with his snout, bury it, find it, and start all over again. Usually in a altered state of canine awareness: that rock, it’s aliiiive. P1030165 Read the rest of this entry »

Friday dog blogging 24 July 2009

24 July 2009

Mingus the Super Dog and I took a lunch break to walk over to the hardware store. One of his favorite places (can’t you tell?) because they let dogs come in, and give them treats. He’s very well behaved. DSC01661Well, MtSD and his parental units are headed up to Ashland, Oregon on Monday to get some culture at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. We’ll see how the Dog does on an extended road trip. He’s not the only one looking forward to it.

Friday dog days 15May09

15 May 2009

Looks to me like Mingus the Super Dog is in serious dog heaven here. Days like these remind me why I left the east coast a long time ago to brave wildfires, earthquakes, and affluenza in the hills of Marin. They don’t call Fairfax “Mayberry on Acid” for nothing. Mingus had a special treat today: a walk along Corte Madera creek down in the tidal mixing zone – a whole new neighborhood to sniff out. One. Happy. Dog.

Mingus in dog heaven

Mingus in dog heaven