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Friday dog (and cats, and frog) days 12 June 2009

12 June 2009

You know this look, right? Mingus the Super Dog is doing his “get-yer-fricken-shoes-on-and-let’s-get-going” hairy canine eyeball thing…can I just explain that I slept a little later than usual today – the typical Friday morning reaction following a Mother Jones board meeting marathon? P1030101

Which by the way was a great couple of days, devoted to thinking about opportunities, new projects, how to respond to the crazy world of journalism, but also about what to do if things don’t quite work out the way we want them to…really good conversation with our board (unsung heros!) and terrific presentation from Ludivoc and Jim from Insight’s Closing the Wealth Gap Initiative.

Meanwhile, over at the mother ship, our new gang of incredibly overqualified interns are giving Kevin Drum’s Friday catblogging a run for the money with their “This Week In Frog.”  And we have a winner: the judges have determined that our frog’s new name is Mudraker.

Friday dog blogging 5 June 09

5 June 2009

P1030085Threat of rain didn’t keep Mingus the Super Dog and me from a quick spazier up Cascade Creek earlier today.He’s a noble looking, goofy dog today:

The water still flows, the grass is still green. Mingus the S.D. did P1030098what he does – chewed grass, marked the entire length of the trail, picked up every stick and carried it for a while, and blurbled his nose into the water to dig out that very special stone.

Friday Dog Days 22May09

22 May 2009

Sparse posting the past few days. I’ve had my head down getting ready for a trip back to B-town and DC after the holiday weekend (plus all the usual stuff). Should have time next week to get back into the swing.

But it’s Friday and that means it’s time for another pic of my favorite canine, Mingus the Super Dog. Here he is in one of his Mingus the Super Dog relaxingmost popular poses: happily lounging after a nice long walk, which we did this AM before I sat down in front of the keyboard. It remains a question of who actually walks whom.

I’m off to a doc’s appointment soon  – may be more to say on the flip. Meanwhile, have a great weekend all. Take a moment to remember those who gave their lives. And enjoy yours.

Friday dog days 15May09

15 May 2009

Looks to me like Mingus the Super Dog is in serious dog heaven here. Days like these remind me why I left the east coast a long time ago to brave wildfires, earthquakes, and affluenza in the hills of Marin. They don’t call Fairfax “Mayberry on Acid” for nothing. Mingus had a special treat today: a walk along Corte Madera creek down in the tidal mixing zone – a whole new neighborhood to sniff out. One. Happy. Dog.

Mingus in dog heaven

Mingus in dog heaven

Shameless imitation of Kevin Drum

24 April 2009

I love cats. Had one named Max for years, a manx that traveled with me to Germany and back, perhaps the only bilingual manx ever.

But this has been a hound household for years, thanks to Rachelle’s lifelong love affair with dogs.

And the latest, Mingus The Super Dog, is one of the best (they’ve all been the best, really).

So in shameless imitation of my fellow MoJo-ler Kevin Drum (who’s hopefully well on his way to the Georgia coast for what should be a really interesting confab about ramping up indy media reporting on economics) here’s my very first Friday Dog-Blogging post!

This is a little bit of a cheat, because it’s Mingus the Super Dog as a youth. Couldn’t pass it up. Way too cute, right?

Have a great weekend.Mingus the super dog as a youth